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Who We Are

We are a senior level team of professionals who believes that storytelling is the right way to grow.

Our background covers communication strategy, graphic design, video production & editing and web development.

Our Philosophy

The power of creativity is fundamental for business growth and differentiation.

Creativity today is twofold

It takes a creative mind to read data in the right way. However the old school gut-feeling creativity still works.
We combine these two perspectives in a well though out process meant to inspire the consumer.
We embrace tech solutions and believe in its power for better and faster outcomes. Yet, the human touch delivers that WOW factor.

Branding is the key element to ensure consistency in a fragmented communication ecosystem

Stay true to what you are even when doing hard sales-driven performance campaign. The campaigns get so fragmented and short-term focused nowadays that it is easy to forego the power of the brand and its influence in driving business results. We have seen this happening and have seen the waste in marketing budget.

The role of creativity in digital advertising effectiveness

What We Do

We always start from the brand essence.

Video & Animation

We see motion picture as a sine qua non in 2020 onwards. We deliver online -first ready video content.

We put creative panache and structured messaging together and deliver true-to-brand content – be it social media presence, video ads, corporate movies, employer branding.
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Branding & Brand Strategy

We have developed our own branding process based on data, research techniques and creative ideation.

We will be by the brand owners’ side from day 1 so that the branding efforts will deliver on business results.

We cover Naming, Logo design, Brand identity design, Brand manual.

Brand Communication

We are at the forefront of development and implementing of brand owned asset in close collaboration with Human Resources, Internal Communication departments, not just Sales & Marketing.

We cover Social Media Production, Website design & development, Native Apps, Event branding design and more.

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Where To Find Us

Calea Plevnei 145
Bucharest, Sector 1